COTI to Power Africa’s Real Estate using Djed Stablecoin

COTI to Power Africa's Real Estate using Djed Stablecoin

To promote the usage of Djed as a way of transmitting payments to African building partners, the COTI network announced through Twitter on October 3rd a new Djed cooperation, this time with “empowa io,” a RealFi initiative based on the Cardano blockchain.

In the cryptocurrency industry, COTI is well known for its successful partnerships, and this is undoubtedly one of them. The response to the tweet has complemented the approach.

The cooperation is interesting because, generally, Empowa allows regional African developers to issue their users with cheap rental agreement choices for eco-homes.

After their lease terms, residents under this program will have the chance to purchase their residences, a move that will lower the cost of high-quality living for all. 

It will be easier to accomplish their objective of constructing cheap housing in Africa with the addition of Cardano’s Djed as a payment method for transferring money to African building partners.

Blockchain technology and decentralization ensure that funds reach their destination as fast as possible. Transactions can be tracked easily in the case of purchases and account statements.

The Cardano team has emphasized the importance of every aspect of its alliances. They are necessary for the effective and appropriate usage of Djed throughout the ecosystem. The stablecoin’s adaptability also expands.

Djed has not yet been deployed on the Cardano mainnet because the teams developing it are awaiting an audit report to determine if there are issues.

With the more recent Empowa cooperation, COTI is forming alliances with many platforms to adopt Djed as they patiently await the audit. While Djed has been integrated on the Cardano mainnet, leading Cardano ecosystem platforms have continued to be drawn towards it.  

With its massive technology, the Cardano team and developers keep on providing alliances and features to the delight of their community.

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