Gala Games Has Distributed $150 Million To Support Developers

Gala Games Has Distributed $150 Million To Support Developers
Gala Games Has Distributed $150 Million To Support Developers

Gala Games, a blockchain gaming platform, has shared some of the additions, advancements, and opportunities that lie ahead in 2023. One of these strategies, distributing $150 million to support developers, has come to fruition. As of January 2023, Gala plans to forge ahead with supporting game projects with the sum of $300 million, 50% of which has already been allocated.

Gala Games' plans
Gala Games’ plans

Gala Games is a revolutionary gaming platform that is committed to offering Web3 technologies and services to players and developers. For a while, gamers have invested their time, energy, and money into free-to-play games while, in reality, they are pay-to-not-own. Gala Games is on the move to put this phenomenon to a halt by ensuring players obtain their right to a digital asset while still maintaining the quality 2.8 billion players expect.

To achieve this feat, Gala is seeking to link the creation of in-game premium currencies to the burning of $GALA tokens. The proposed name for this in-game premium currency is “Gems.” This idea is instrumental to Gala Games’ growth because in-game premium currencies are well understood and used in web2 games. They do so without creating a barrier, significantly reducing the time and difficulty associated with integrating games into the Gala ecosystem.

Users can play a game, participate in the core loop, spend fiat to get gems, and push through to the blockchain on onboarding. Gems may be used as incentives and spent in-game. Just like any other in-game currency, Gems are non-transferable except to a burn address, but unlike any other in-game currency, their creation is tied to the burning of the $GALA token, and they cease to exist once used.

Gala Games plans to kickstart this monetization strategy with “Meow Match,” followed by “Dragon Strike.” These successful roll-outs will be followed by the remainder of Gala’s mobile game library and possibly some non-mobile games. The platform is working in collaboration with teams like Arctic 7, Fun Dog Studios, IUGO, Gamedia, JoyCity, Shiver Entertainment, and many more. Gala Games also plans to onboard more prestigious IP holders, and they will join teams like PokerGo, Skybound, AMC, and NBC/Universal.

Gala Games’ main goal is to give developers and players alike a sense of autonomy and ownership. They desire that the game developers receive all of the profits without going through a middleman. This paves the way for future development and the creation of creative projects, and the already allocated $150 million will fast-track the achievement of this goal.

Gala prioritizes its users by ensuring they have fun and also earn while at it. They are also known to be community-oriented. Gala’s commitment to achieving its set goals is proof that it is a force to be reckoned with.


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