MetaMask Eyes The Multi- Billion Gaming Industry With A Developer Tool

MetaMask Eyes The Multi- Billion Gaming Industry With A Developer Tool

On the 28th of February 2023, MetaMask posted a thread on Twitter, announcing the launch of a new developer tool that supports GameFi adoption.

The Ethereum-based digital currency wallet MetaMask has successfully penetrated the web3 gaming sector with the announcement of the launch of MetaMask SDK on the leading game development platform, Unity Asset Store.

The MetaMask SDK is a set of tools and resources that game developers can utilize to create software applications, which would easily allow it’s users to interact with games developed on Unity’s platform using their web3 wallet.

This innovation is Integrated with 12 other crypto solutions and is set to assist developers to find solutions to manage digital assets, set up smart contracts, build on blockchains and allow game developers to integrate the popular wallet into their games.

This integration will enable players to interact with Web3-enabled features directly within the game, creating a new level of gameplay experience in the process. The Unity Asset Store is also set to offer vetted solutions supporting developers interested in the technology and with the will to encourage decentralization in gaming.

According to the thread, MetaMask added that the gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace and the Web3 gaming sector seems to have also attracted significant investment in recent years. Over one million users are already connected to Web3 games across 48 blockchains daily, indicating a very strong potential for growth in this sector

MetaMask’s integration with Unity will bring forth Web3 values to the gaming industry, providing gaming developers with a range of new opportunities for growth and innovation. The MetaMask SDK aims to deliver the power of self-custody to gaming across the web.

According to the announcement, MetaMask’s Web3 Early Adopter Program is also offering a $100K grant and guidance to gaming developers, to help facilitate their transition to Web3 and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation in the industry.

One of the most notable concepts behind the MetaMask SDK is the fact that it allows developers the ability to make any game web3-compatible. By utilizing MetaMask SDK, developers can create games that are not only fun to play but also provide players with the opportunity to engage with the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Many consider this a giant step toward mass adoption, and it is an exciting development, set to take gameplay to a whole new level.

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