PIVX MasterNodes Can Now Host Multiple Nodes Using 1 VPS

PIVX MasterNodes Can Now Host Multiple Nodes Using 1 VPS. The PIVX masternodes are budget friendly and users can run 4 masternodes at $6.99/month.
PIVX MasterNodes can Now Host Multiple Nodes using 1 VPS

PIVX, a cryptocurrency forked from DASH, recently hosted multiple masternodes on a single VPS. These masternodes on PIVX enable PIV holders to have a share in the platform’s governance by voting on the use of treasury funds and earning rewards.

Building a masternode is no small feat because it requires owning 10,000PIV and running a specific configured Hot wallet with high uptime. The PIV will be locked with a cold wallet that can leverage hardware like a ledger.

However, an online wallet with a high uptime can be very costly, depending on the configuration and the service provider. But PIVX has provided masternodes that are budget-friendly. 

For example, you can conveniently run four master nodes on a single VPS at 6.99 dollars per month, meaning a single masternode costs less than 2 dollars.

However, for everything to work smoothly, there is a need to acquire a multicore VPS. 

Several providers are adequately fit to offer this service, but the PIVS community uses Contabo.

Contabo offers a cost-effective multi-core VPS that is compatible with VIPX. To start, all that needs to be done is to visit their website and set it to work.

But some things needed before going to work are a 4vCPU core, 32 TB Traffic, 8 GB RAM, and 200 GB SSD. 

PIVX can now run multiple masternodes on one VPS at a low budget. It’s a remarkable achievement and a further advancement in the tech and crypto industry.

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