What’s New in Season 7 of Wombat Dungeon Master?

Wombat Dungeon Master just announced the anticipated changes and updates for their upcoming season.

Stamina is anticipated to be the most significant launch in season 7. It will substantially impact how the game is played, and how progress is made.

This is how it is anticipated to function:

  • A wombat’s starting stamina is 1000.
  • The wombat’s stamina balance is increased by 1000 daily when the reward chest is claimed.
  • The duration of each run affects how much stamina is lost; shorter runs use more stamina per minute than long runs.
  • If the stamina is low based on the current dungeon run, the run will take three times as long as usual

The idea is that the ideal run strategy will differ for each player (depending on their boosts) and will not consist of “just” doing a lot of 5-minute runs for all players. This is intended to increase game fairness, reduce player fatigue, and further restrict the use of bots.

More to come in Season 7:

  • The release of the Gold Extractor and the items on EOS
  • The Golden Key will be available in the shop, and a new edition of items will be available in packs.
  • Introduce and benefit from cool ways of referring friends to Wombat and Dungeon Master.
  • Increase in the amount of XP that can be obtained per run based on run time.

As well as a bunch of new minor tweaks and enhancements.

Read here for more information.

In related news, Wombat Dungeon master is looking to add new collections for staking! In the WAX and EOS spaces, Wombat Dungeon Master has received tremendous support. As a result, they received a ton of requests to include collections in the game.

They decided to develop this application form so that you can apply to improve the process. If you are an artist on the WAX blockchain, sign up and be a part of it.

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