Will The Amazon and Avalanche Deal Succeed?

Will The Amazon and Avalanche Deal Succeed?

Ava Labs and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have teamed together to hasten the adoption of blockchain by businesses, organizations, and the government. Through the AWS Marketplace, AWS supports the infrastructure and dApp ecosystem of Avalanche, including a one-click node setup. An essential feature and prerequisite for businesses and governments, Avalanche node operators may run in AWS GovCloud for FedRAMP compliance use cases.

Now that Ava Labs is a part of the AWS Partner Network (APN), it can assist clients in deploying unique products on AWS that are interconnected with more than 100,000 partners in more than 150 nations.

According to a press release by AVA, Subnet deployment as a managed service will be added by Ava Labs to the AWS Marketplace so that anybody may quickly establish a unique Subnet, including organizations. To increase robustness, this component seeks to provide a feature that distributes validators protecting the Subnet across several locations and availability zones.

The AWS-Avalanche partnership makes it simpler for more users to set up and maintain nodes on Avalanche, enhancing the network’s strength and developer flexibility. Additionally, Ava Labs joining AWS Activate allows builders in the Avalanche ecosystem to benefit from AWS credits.

The Avalanche Summit, Avalanche Creates, and hackathons are just a few of the business and developer events that Ava Labs and AWS are working on to enable everyone, technical or not, to reach their goals of creating on Avalanche.

How leading organizations use AVA

Due to its nearly instantaneous transaction settlement, minimal transaction costs, and adaptable blockchain networks known as Subnets, AVA, which had processed 500 million transactions as of late December last year, is among the finest smart contracts platforms for complex finance and DeFi installations.

KKR tokenized one of its funds on Avalanche to save administrative burdens and expenses. These deals settle on Avalanche in less than a second, which enhances the trading experience compared to conventional systems.

With a trading volume that exceeds $80 billion, TraderJoe xyz is another notable DEX. The V2 Liquidity Book, a new AMM model from Trader Joe’s, was just released. Its goals are to boost fees for LPs, eliminate slippage, and maximize AMM efficiency.

With $4M in trading incentives, GMX io joined Avalanche Rush and attracted a new group of traders who traded perpetual for $AVAX, $BTC, and $ETH. Over $16 billion in trade activity has been processed using GMX since January 2022.

For $BTC.b, LayerZero developed a single, integrated interface with a smooth cross-chain experience. Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more natively support transfers from $BTC.b.

Reinsurance is also being tokenized via REProtocol, which exposes accredited investors to insurance premiums. Re uses Subnets to store user data and the Avalanche Primary Network for its marketplace.


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