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Blockchain and cryptocurrency usage have grown tremendously in the past decade. BTC-Pulse is your home for all crypto-related news and educational resources, providing the latest news updates in DeFi or NFTs, reviews, and analysis for all projects in the crypto sector.

BTC-Pulse focuses on a broad range of developments within this sector. Be it Bitcoin, which is the most famous and valuable cryptocurrency, to any promising altcoin on traders’ radar, BTC-Pulse has it all covered. This sector is fast-paced with emerging projects, crowdfunding initiatives, regulatory changes, and constant innovation, all needing experienced and authoritative platforms to cover them.

BTC-Pulse appreciates the need for reliable and up-to-date information on various aspects of the crypto sector. This platform is committed to being a valuable resource for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders, researchers, and even curious members of the public who don’t know the next thing about blockchain transformation.

By engaging the best and most active minds in this space, BTC-Pulse offers quality and groundbreaking content on all things crypto.


We have a commitment to running a professional and trusted crypto news platform. Part of this entails ethical policies to ensure that content is professional. We refrain from spamming our own links for the sake of it over and above the publishing of links to content on social media channels. This commitment extends to our content and data processing policies.