6 Platforms to Earn Free Crypto in 2023

Free Crypto

You can always buy cryptocurrency from a reputable cryptocurrency exchange, but have you ever tried earning free cryptocurrency?

Freebies are always nice in any purchasing transaction, and it becomes much more fascinating when you can earn free cryptocurrency.

All you have to do is pay attention to what the various crypto sites have to offer in order to take advantage of the opportunities that are available.

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most widely used digital assets. However, because they are risky, many investors prefer to begin by making small initial investments. For some, the prospect of earning free cryptocurrency is especially appealing.

Here are some simple and legal platforms to earn free cryptocurrency:

1. LuxWorld


LuxWorld is a Web3 travel app with gamification and an interactive Social-Fi layout – the combination of social networking and finance. Inspired by the essential daily activity for most people—moving around—LuxWorld is proud to be the first project to build up the Travel to Earn concept.

LuxWorld was inspired by many video games in the “Move to Earn” movement to allow players to earn money while traveling. To put it another way, this app pioneered the “Travel to Earn” or “Checkin and Earn” trend, which has raised a lot of expectations in the industry. As a result, while LuxWorld has only been announced, it already promises to be a blockbuster, igniting the market at the perfect time during this downturn.

Exploring LuxWorld, you will soon realize that your discoveries are more valuable than you think: going outdoors, traveling, and checking in may earn tokens anytime and from any location.

Users can reward useful material with tips. You can be a traveler, a Check-in Node Owner, or both. Only by using Luggage NFTs you make a nice profit while still enjoying your trip to the fullest. With our wonderful Check-in Node NFT, you can leave your mark in an incredible virtual environment and earn a limitless amount of money.


The more frequently you check-in, the more LUX tokens you earn; the more you have, the more likely your choice win expensive stuff.

The LuxWorld Token (LUX) is the native token of LuxWorld. You can buy LUX presale in a few steps by directly using USDT, BUSD, ETH, or BNB.

Another intriguing aspect of the program is its Social-Fi function, which is a networking method that protects users’ privacy and safety while also providing them with greater flexibility and advantages from decentralized social networks.


Users may also acquire LuxWorld NFT Memberships by joining the platform, an exclusive program that uses NFTs as access keys to unlock various sorts of services and rewards. The blockchain will confirm NFT ownership, granting holders access to any member-exclusive perks that are accessible.

If you enjoy traveling and want to get into the Web3 area, LuxWorld is a wonderful place to start because each successive check-in at a big tourist destination or entertainment venue means you’re “filling up” your wallet.


The app, which features NFT gamification and an interactive Social-Fi layout, is set to release its first beta version sometime in December 2022 and promises a slew of intriguing features that turn conventional wisdom on its head.

To participate in the current presale of LUX tokens, you can visit here.

Learn more about LuxWorld, you can check more unique features of the project in the review article for more details.

2. FreeCash


FreeCash is a standard GPT site. GPT sites provide several ways to earn credit, which can then be turned into real-world incentives.

There are other ways to earn coins on this site, much as on other GPT sites. Freecash’s currency system is clear; 1000 coins always equal $1. It remains constant.

There are several offerwalls accessible where consumers may earn coins by completing surveys, downloading applications, and doing quizzes. Ayet Studios, Offer Toro, and Lootably are examples of offerwalls that may be found on different GPT sites. There are also a few different walls that just contain surveys, where you may select a survey depending on its time and payout. There are always lots of surveys accessible, although it might be slower on weekends and depending on your demographics.

3. Coin Hunt World


Coin Hunt World (CHW) is a mobile Geo-location and metaverse game that is now in Beta on iOS and fully published on Android. Exploring the real world, earning and utilizing Blue Keys to access Blue Vaults, completing Quests, gathering precious things, and building constructions in the Cubieverse are all part of the gameplay.

Coin Hunt World has a lot of complexity. While it may appear that earning bitcoin via this software is straightforward, withdrawing whatever you’ve earned is not.

When you open a vault, you are prompted with a trivia question and four response options. You will receive a reward package if you select the correct answer within the time limit. Prize boxes can now include Bitcoin, Ethereum, keys, or in-game goodies like Cubie Blueprints and Resources.

4. Brave Rewards

Brave Rewards

Because you already use a browser, why not earn cryptocurrency through it as well? Here’s how to accomplish it using the Brave browser.

By simply choosing to see advertising, you may earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) as a Brave browser user. BAT is Brave’s native cryptocurrency, and users may earn it by viewing anonymous and privacy-protecting adverts.

This service is fully voluntary, and adverts are sent to users via push notifications rather than on-page. BAT tokens obtained in this manner are stored in a browser-based wallet and may be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat cash.

Brave, like many other browsers, is built on Chromium. It supports comparable extensions and is simple to install on both Windows and Mac. Although it is a bit more difficult, you can also install Brave on Linux. Users may also use their Android devices to download Brave for faster surfing.

5. LunarCrush


LunarCrush is a social intelligence tool that offers users with real-time metric data for cryptocurrency gathered from social media sites, crypto exchanges, influencers, and other sources. This data is then simplified into bite-sized, digestible formats, such as sentiment analysis, social dominance, volume, and critical market parameters.

Users earn points by participating, engaging, and completing tasks on LunarCrush. At the conclusion of each day, the total amount of points you’ve earned is totaled, and a daily pool of 65,000 Lunr is distributed to all users who earned points that day. The amount of Lunr received by each user based on their respective efforts on that day as well as their cumulative contributions throughout time.

6. Presearch


Presearch is a Blockchain-powered open, censorship-resistant, and decentralized search engine.

While some of the most popular search engines do gather user data for their own profit and gain, Presearch is a privacy-focused search engine that does not.

This is why Presearch is the best option for anyone who believes that internet browsers should not collect personal information from users or restrict content.

Furthermore, PRE tokens are awarded to users for every eligible search, running Presearch nodes, or suggesting other users.

Disclaimer: The information presented in independent study is the author’s opinion and should not be construed as financial, trading, or investment advice. Coincu does not advocate for the purchase, sale, exchange, holding, or investment in any cryptocurrency.

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