A critic criticizes the Bored Ape Yacht Club for their lack of innovativeness

Critic Blasts Bored Ape Yacht Club For Not Innovating

In responding to AvaStarsNFT creator j1mmy.eth on Twitter, a critic used the opportunity to criticize BAYC for their lack of innovative thinking. The reviewer asserts that the only thing Bored Apes has developed for “this space” is a game in which the player competes in a race down a toilet. This is despite the fact that the company began with an NFT project, accepted large sums of VC money and ETH, and received royalties.

AvaStars is developing, according to the creator of AvastarsNFT.

A recent remark made by the creator of AvaStars NFT on Twitter indicates that he is personally putting a significant amount of money towards the construction of AvaStarsNFT 3D as well as the upgrading of their NFTs for the whole of their collection. The struggle over royalties has made it impossible for him to ever collect this money back in his capacity as a creator.

“I don’t see any way that we can remain as a business over the long run without selling more nft or taking value out of our community,” said the CEO of the company. He continued to write.


The creator of the company has high hopes that their three-year-old collection will become popular as a result of the introduction of 3D assets. Also, there are clues on the prospect of continued support for the project through a 2.5% royalty.

“Now, it doesn’t. For the identical scenario to play out, we need to have five times the amount of success.” He continues.

J1mmy.eth asserts that his scenario is applicable to all of the makers and builders operating in the sector. He is of the opinion that it will not be simple to give things free in the future if the people who created them do not receive a portion of the continuous success of their work.

This is the secret to the success of the creative economy. I believe that we have chosen the wrong war, and the repercussions of the conclusion of this conflict will have enormously detrimental effects for web3.” In conclusion, he says.

BAYC’s last development

Since November last year, BAYC has only made one significant development to better and grow its endeavors. Zach Heerwagen, the founder of Snag Solutions, made the announcement on Twitter in November that the company would be launching the Apecoin NFT marketplace. This would enable trades for popular Yuga Labs-developed collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Otherside metaverse game. It is the only substantial breakthrough that the NFT company has made thus far to our knowledge.



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