Bitcoin Artwork Inspired by Michelangelo Completed, Depicts The Reluctance From No-Coiners To Accept “Life”

Bitcoin Artwork Inspired by Michelangelo Completed, Depicts The Reluctance From No-Coiners To Accept "Life"

On the 13th of February 2023, Bitcoin_apex announced his Bitcoin Artwork Inspired by Michelangelo.

According to Bitcoin_apex, his work ‘Creation of Human ₿’ took 23 days to be completed on block 776051, and the drawing is very significant to him.

To fully understand it, it’s essential to understand the background behind Michelangelo’s original “Creation of Adam’, which is displayed in the Sistine Chapel.

According to the piece, God is trying to touch Adam, with great enthusiasm and effort to breathe life into him. On the other hand, Adam is not as enthusiastic. Reclining and raising his hands with indifference, without effort.

To create a connection with God, all Adam had to do was lift his finger. In like manner, many BTC enthusiasts are driven to do something good and important for the world. Spending countless hours to push the Blockchain space to the point it is today.

The mindset is that everything built to fundamentally solve world problems sustainably would have difficulty working effectively since the world’s financial system is broken. And this is the reason behind Bitcoiners’ enthusiasm.

Yet this situation also involves Bitcoin skeptics. Similar to Adam, If BTC skeptics were to accommodate the efforts of Bitcoiners. With a little more openness and interest, and a little more open-mindedness, Bitcoin and Blockchain tech would go a long way to solve world problems.

His artwork depicted other elements that represent the fatal nature of Fiat’s debt system. With such objects as guns, wars, and debt by states and central banks, fiat users represented by Adam have to deal with the consequences of a corrupt system.

Adam’s figure is also depicted with a blindfold that signifies the lack of transparency and clear-sightedness. All this is made possible through state-controlled money and inflation which can be impacted by BTC. The blindfold is also the reason BTC skeptics are overlooking the value of Bitcoin.

Another interpretation of the blindfold is the way humans have been blinded by the concept of wealth, having their perspectives changed and making it impossible for them to see things as they are, not as a means to maximize profits and get rich.

Beneath the blindfold are tears depicting the pains of humans, who are forced to exist in an oppressive system without doing anything about it. Yet, Bitcoin_apex believes that one day, with extensive efforts, BTC skeptics would intentionally remove their blindfolds and reach out, accepting the efforts of Bitcoiners.

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