Blockchain Game Illuvium: Zero Now Out In Alpha For Mobile and Web

Blockchain Game Illuvium: Zero Now Out In Alpha For Mobile and Web

On the 3rd of February, 2023, Illuvium announced its upgrade to Illuvium: Zero that’s now available for Android, PC, and Mac platforms.

Illuvium is an online multiplayer RPG game that’s built on Ethereum with NFT capacities. In the game, players explore an open-world fantasy region to dwell, capture and fight. And it’s available to PC users.

The Illuvium: Zero is the mobile and desktop companion where players can develop, manage and build on plots of NFT lands. It was released after the initial land sale, and the focus is on the graphic, immersive representation of NFTs. it’s the third pillar in the illuvium ecosystem that allows interoperable gaming. Though it’s a companion game for both Overworld and Arena, it’s also designed to be a stand-alone game with enjoyable gameplay.

The Illuvium: Zero private Alpha is available to land owners only with fuel earning capacity disabled, but blueprint earning capacity is still available. They can be collected and kept from this early release version.

The new update resolves some issues. The time spoofing exploit fix is no longer capable of hindering saves sent to the server, and the save feature is now more frequent, which ensures that less data is lost during usage. Here are some known issues stipulated on the site. Players can now be kicked off their plots if their connection is poor, and the game freezes after long hours of extensive playing. This can be resolved by switching plots to mitigate the time freeze.

Here is a brief overview of some of the features you can expect to find in the Illuvium: Zero upgrades. 

First is blueprints. In Illuvium: Zero, various parts of your experience can be customized with skins. These would be derived from the blueprints collected in Illuvium: Zero. there’s also fuel. In the Illuvium Universe, there are three types of fuel. there’s Hyperion, Solon, and Crypton, each serving their respective functions in the Illuvium ecosystem

Then there are Structures, which is the core of Illuvium: Zero’s gameplay. Players are allowed to build, manage and upgrade these structures across their NFT land holdings. The structures each have a unique purpose, from scanning passing Illuvials to generating fuel from resources available on your NFT land.

The project encouraged users who haven’t signed up to check out the new features as more features are available in its gameplay.

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