Cardano DEX To List Djed Pair

Cardano DEX To List Djed Pair

On the 24th of January 2023, a decentralized exchange on Cardano, Minswap, announced plans to list an ADA/DJED pair.

In the tweet, Minswap, a multi-pool decentralized exchange on Cardano that allows its users to swap tokens with minimal cost, time, and maximal convenience, announced that Djed would be listed under the trading pair, ADA/ DJED.

In addition to Djed, Minswap also announced that SHEN, the protocol backup token, will be available for trading on the decentralized exchange.

Shortly after, a major Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange, Bitrue, announced that it is preparing to offer Djed and SHEN for trading. The exchange also stated that it would initiate DJED and SHEN staking campaigns and other operations shortly after starting trading for the assets.

In a more recent announcement by Fintech startup COTI, the issuer of DJED, it was also confirmed that the launch of Cardano’s stablecoin is scheduled for next week as there is still one technical hurdle to be surmounted. DJED and SHEN are currently operating on testnets, not the mainnet. Thus, they would have to be launched on the mainnet before they can be listed on Minswap and Bitrue.

Minswap did not specify the exact date DJED and SHEN would be listed on its platform. However, the DEX noted that the tokens would be listed sometime next week. Djed’s official Twitter account corroborated this, saying that the launch of the stablecoin was just days away. However, it also chooses not to specify the exact date yet. Like Djed, SHEN will also be available in a single trading pair, ADA / SHEN.

Although DJED is not yet available on the main network, the project has attracted the interest of top crypto projects, including WingRider, Iagon, Trading Trent, etc. In addition, earlier this month, COTI announced a partnership with blockchain entity Yepple in a bid to facilitate NFT payments on Cardano using the stablecoin.

The COTI network took to Twitter to share updates on the Djed wallet, stating that the Nami wallet integration to support CIP-30 is ready for mainnet. A suggestion made by Cardano developer Adam Dean will be incorporated into the testnet to avoid the creation of incompatible forks. Additionally, COTI shares that the next wallet to be integrated might be EternlWallet.

As expectations rise for the imminent launch of the Djed stablecoin, users on Twitter shared an overwhelmingly positive response, encouraging even more developers to build on Cardano’s blockchain.

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