Cardano Founder Trolls Gemini For Not Listing ADA

Cardano Founder Trolls Gemini For Not Listing ADA

Gemini’s refusal to list Cardano (ADA) was the subject of a tweet by Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, on December 4, 2022, that garnered a lot of attention and feedback on Twitter. Numerous people attested to this since they think it is wrong to leave off a coin that is so valuable from the listing.

Cardano is one of the top ten blockchain platforms with substantial universal accomplishments, which can be used to create and develop smart contracts and, in succession, generate decentralized applications and programs. It is known and seen to be a good cryptocurrency investment in 2023, and yet, it is still not listed by the Gemini Trust Company (LLC), which is a cryptocurrency exchange and custodian that enables users to purchase, exchange, and store digital assets.

There are many unanswered questions about Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron’s decision to reject listing Cardano as the founder of Gemini. They claimed that since Gemini is not listing a coin that is this decentralized and novel, it is to make as much money as possible, seeing that Cardano is not a scam billionaire coin. Even other exchanges that do not list Cardano raise suspicion because there must be shady activity going on there given that the ninth-largest coin is not listed. There is a clamor for Cardano to be listed.

According to reports, Gemini is imitating FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange with a base in the Bahamas that encourages trading and the liquidity of coins and tokens. Observing what transpired between FTX and Cardano, the founder of FTX (Sam Bankman-Fried) stated that ADA would very soon be listed on the exchange and cited Cardano’s status as a new blockchain as the reason for its absence. Then, a week later, FTX falls, wreaking havoc on the crypto market.

Cardano gained two victories as a result of FTX’s collapse. First, it gained by not being eventually listed on their (FTX) spot market, as an alternative. The second was that Solana, Cardano’s primary rival, was removed from the top of the market cap after losing approximately 40% of its worth due to FTX and affiliates’ direct involvement in its equity.

Some people recommended that anyone holding cryptocurrency on Gemini should try and get it off the platform as soon as possible since Gemini is giving off warning signs that they’re soon likely to crash, the same as what happened with FTX.   

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