Here’s How Tron Will Benefit After Integrating This Al Oracle

Here's How Tron Will Benefit After Integrating This Al Oracle

On the 3rd of March, 2023, Tron DAO posted on Twitter and published an article detailing how Tron is to benefit from the newly integrated AI oracle.

TRON has taken a major step towards combining artificial intelligence with blockchain technology by partnering with the world’s first AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchains, Oraichain. 

The partnership is expected to serve as a source of empowerment for developers to build advanced solutions that utilize and leverage artificial intelligence. Both platforms have a common mission to raise awareness around the potential for AI and blockchain, attracting promising AI developers and delivering AI functionality from Oraichain to the Tron network.

The Tron network is bound to benefit from Oraichain’s partnership significantly. As a result of this partnership, the Tron network can now process smart contract payments much faster in an extended effort to expand its global use case.

Oraichain has undoubtedly been committed to providing AI oracle services for smart contracts across many chains. As the network has matured, the vision has further grown. Today, Oraichain’s infrastructure provides the essential elements to support an open economy for AI and data adequately. This includes six features: decentralized file storage, AI and crowdsourced data annotation, model training and test cases, on-chain execution, data, and AI marketplace, and the ability to publish models to AI oracle.

Also, The Tron network developers can now use artificial intelligence to build scalable Dapps. Ultimately, the Tron and BitTorrent networks will gain more global markets.

In the announcement, it is noted that through the partnership, Oraichain will add TRC20 token compatibility to OraiBridge, allowing for the simple and secure transfer of assets between the Tron blockchain and Oraichain. This will create the opportunity to offer new asset pairs on OraiDEX and open the door to exciting new cross-chain DeFi opportunities. This will also mark the first available bridge between Tron and the IBC ecosystem, expanding diversification opportunities for both ecosystems.

Oraichain will work to ensure TVM compatibility and provide documentation in the coming AI oracle client SDK, delivering AI functionality for smart contracts on the Tron network. This will allow developers to explore unique use cases in an ecosystem built for data and AI, taking advantage of a fully decentralized infrastructure to ensure maximum transparency for data sources, model accuracy, execution, and royalty distribution.

The partnership would also focus on adequate education, ensuring faster adaptation of decentralized AI.

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