Monero Has A New Concierge Delivery Service

Monero Has A New Concierge Delivery Service

On the 25th of January 2023, Anon Shop powered by Monero announced its new concierge delivery service.

It stated in the post that crypto holders would have the ability to spend Monero on anything online and have it delivered. This service helps to avoid exchanges and KYC to spend Monero privately anywhere.

Anon shop is an anonymous delivery service powered by Monero, that enables users to browse a catalog of products and pay using XMR without registering themselves thereby preserving privacy and Anonymity.

This new delivery service allows users to spend Monero with no id, address, phone number, email, or any other form of KYC or tracking.

All you have to do is communicate the item to be purchased from Amazon, pay with Monero, and the order would be sent to an Amazon locker near the buyer for pickup. A website’s built-in chat function would be used to message the buyer about their order, with information on their locker code and the order would be picked up from the Amazon locker using the code received.

Personal information leaks, would not be a cause for worry, and setting up a burner phone and email address to protect privacy becomes unnecessary since no one would have access to the knowledge of what was bought, home address, or any other private information.

Anon Shop promises the convenience shopping on Amazon offers without compromising privacy as that is the whole concept of Monero.

However, this service is not without charges or limitations. Deliveries are expected to cost 1% of the total order and are restricted to US Amazon lockers. Also, the minimum order is 25 dollars.

Prime-only items cannot be purchased which includes things like prime exclusive deals. Anon Shop also states in its FAQ that they reserve the right to decline to process an order. In this case, a refund will be issued.

No service can indeed be completely anonymous as there will always be metadata leaks and there is also the issue of trust, as some in the crypto community express skepticism at the possibility of losing their money and not getting their ordered items.

Still, lovers of Monero and privacy find it challenging to spend Monero on physical goods and protect their privacy while shopping online. Since most exchanges, websites, and gift cards demand personal information, this is a welcome development and they cannot wait to begin utilizing it.

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