Mr. Olympia set for Mid-December, Fitburn is the Main Burn-to-Earn Crypto Project to Sponsor

FitBurn, the first burn-to-earn application in the world that enables you to earn money in the form of cryptocurrency tokens, is working on expanding its ecosystem dedicated to rewarding people for moving more and encouraging healthier lifestyles. FitBurn’s action bases back on the want to acquire a larger fan-base.

Bringing together sports and crypto

Amid the release, the most anticipated fitness event of the year, Olympia Weekend, brings together the top personalities in fitness and sports to network, exchange stories, perform, and display their world-class bodies. The 2022 Olympia Weekend will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from December 15 to 18 at the Venetian Expo and Convention Center and the Planet Hollywood Resort.

FitBurn is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency industry, and Olympia President Dan Solomon is thrilled to have them join the Olympia family as a presenting sponsor. Everyone involved will benefit from this partnership.

Despite the FTX and Alameda stirred crisis, the firm will have the chance to collaborate with some of the top celebrities and fitness influencers worldwide thanks to its partnership with Olympia Weekend. Celebrities, athletes, and general fitness enthusiasts may sign up for the platform or learn more about its characteristics and the Burn-to-Earn concept at the project’s dedicated stand at the expo.

FitBurn wasn’t intended to be a game or a cryptocurrency project. The firm’s primary goal is to improve people’s health while fostering a sense of community via social activities and sports. Everybody interested in fitness wants to participate in Mr. Olympia, which is like the Super Bowl of the fitness world.

Web3 space expansion with Burn-to-Earn

A unique Burn-to-Earn approach developed by FitBurn encourages consumers to pursue a healthy lifestyle with frequent rewards. Unlike other blockchain initiatives, its value proposition is not solely restricted to the Web3 environment. Users are rewarded for their genuine physical efforts, which are also suitable for their long-term health.

The CAL token and gamified t-shirt NFTs power the platform’s ecosystem. Users must purchase an NFT to sign up for the podium, which also entitles them to a free annual partner gym membership. Once kids sign up, they can use the app to log their workouts and earn CAL tokens for each calorie they burn.

Users may exchange their CAL tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange, upgrade their NFTs with them, use them to receive deals at well-known fitness merchants, or buy various fitness goods and services straight from the site. The platform’s NFT holders will also be given access to VIP events and granted protocol governance privileges.

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