NFT News Weekly Round-Up: Binance Builds Bicasso, and Coinbase Utilizes NFTs

Ledger to Launch a Secure NFT Marketplace

An overview of the NFT space from Binance hopping into Ai with Bicasso, and Coinbase onboarding the next billion users using NFTs

Bicasso is a new AI-powered NFT generator created by Binance. It allows its users to create computer-generated images and mint them as NFTs by typing in a creative idea using a word prompt or by uploading, as a substrate, any available picture. Users can mint their images as NFTs on Binance’s native BSC chain.

To provide users with sophisticated and unique minted output and for increased engagement and improved user benefits, the beta version of the Binance AI has been live and active since the 1st of March, 2023. The Binance team is earnestly putting in a lot of work to maximize the server’s abilities to reduce errors and make the minting process smoother for its users.

Since the Binance CEO announced the launch of Bicasso, users have received the news and reacted based on their individualistic perceptions. Some users could not hide their excitement, stating that they love Bicasso because it is so easy and fun to create NFTs with AI. They further added that Bicasso is another great innovation from Binance. Most NFTs enthusiasts could not hold themselves back from trying to create their unique art using Bicasso’s AI.

With Binance joining the NFT train, Coinbase isn’t left out.

Coinbase, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is reportedly working on a strategy to attract the next billion people onto the blockchain by using NFTs, according to a tweet that was just published by BuildOnBase. Coinbase intends to broaden the use of blockchain technology and make it more available to users all around the globe.

The business has been at the vanguard of attempts to bring blockchain technology to the public and has been instrumental in the process of making cryptocurrencies more widely accepted.

Coinbase intends to increase the number of users participating in blockchain transactions via the use of NFTs, particularly among those who may be reluctant to participate owing to the complexity of the underlying technology. Coinbase’s goal is to eliminate one of the most significant barriers to entry for new users and bring a greater number of individuals into the realm of blockchain technology by making the onboarding process more user-friendly.

Coinbase has also been actively involved in the development of the blockchain industry, investing in startups and exploring new use cases for NFT technology.

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