Nostr, Bitcoin and AI Will Make Walled Gardens A Thing Of The Past

Nostr, Bitcoin and AI Will Make Walled Gardens A Thing Of The Past
Nostr, Bitcoin and AI Will Make Walled Gardens A Thing Of The Past

Marty Bent, founder of TFTC, a media company focused on Bitcoin, beauty, and freedom in the digital age, recently stated that walled garden platforms are going to be a thing of the past by the next decade.  The mind-blowing potential of Nostr inspired this statement. According to him, Nostr is a black swan that the tech sector was not expecting. There is a rising clamor for decentralization and privacy in the crypto space, and Nostr, Bitcoin, and AI are going to create completely new experiences and business models collaboratively.

Walled gardens are closed platforms where the service provider has control over media, content, files, or applications, and non-approved applicants have restricted access to such content.

Nostr is a new publishing protocol that enables people to create digital identities and broadcast information in a censorship-resistant environment using web sockets, private-public key pairs, and relay servers. Nostr’s ability to connect to numerous relays contributes to its resistance to censorship. Once a user creates a Nostr pubkey with Schnorr signatures and connects to a relay or many relays, then information can be broadcast.

An individual relay might censor your message and not pass it along, but the probability that all other relays would not pass your message along is low. If eventually all external relays choose to censor, a user can spin up his relay so that the audience can connect and receive messages. Nostr is an extremely simple and robust protocol. In addition to that, it is free and decentralized.

Recently, Nostr has garnered the interest of numerous people, especially bitcoin users. This is understandable given that it was created by bitcoin users who were not satisfied with the state of media and information dissemination on the internet. Many Nostr clients have made it easy to incorporate their lightning addresses into their profiles so they can receive data on the protocol easily. 

Several bitcoin companies and projects are beginning to utilize Nostr in their products. The fact that users can monetize Lightning by charging for microtransactions is a plus because these could accumulate to large amounts.

Generally, AI permits founders to build both technical and non-technical inventions. It started with innovations like GitHub Co-Pilot and many others, and they have only gotten better with time as they keep advancing and evolving technologically.

With Nostr, Bitcoin, and AI combined, walled garden platforms are at risk of being kicked out of the market because users are consistently pushing for privacy, security, and decentralization, and Nostr prioritizes user privacy. Marty Bent has been in touch with some founders who have mentioned that Nostr is boosting their businesses. AI and Bitcoin have been making waves, and the addition of Nostr is undeniably the onset of a technology that is one of a kind.  


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