Ripple CEO: Trust and Transparency will make Crypto Stronger

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On the 16th of November 2022 the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, shared his thoughts on Twitter. He believes that the crypto space will grow stronger if projects focus on trust and transparency.


With all that’s been happening in the past couple of weeks. Starting from the crash of reputable projects like Luna and 3AC then climaxed by The Fall of a crypto exchange giant, FTX, it’s reasonable that crypto investors would lose their bullish nature. Speculations have been flying around and it’s now a game of…. Guess the next project to crumble.

Yet Brad believes that the crypto space will be all the more stronger for this, if we gather together and have an honest conversation about the nature of crypto and how it can be used alongside the blockchain to solve real-world problems.

This was also during his announcement of the 6th annual Ripple Swell. The Ripple Swell is an annual interactive conference that brings together many notable figures in the crypto space. The first Ripple Swell was held in Toronto, in 2017, and it’s centered around brainstorming ways to transform the traditional financial system into something better.

Brad went on stage with CNBC’s Europe anchor, Karen Tso, to discuss about Ripple, its utility, and the macroeconomic factors affecting the crypto space.

It seems the case between Ripple and the SEC is not slowing the Ripple team down, as they announced even more milestone achievements.

They processed around $30 billion on Ripplenet. They have also expanded into Africa by partnering with MFS Africa, one of Africa’s largest mobile payment gateway.

The partnership aims to make on-demand liquidity (ODL) available to users in Africa utilizing XRP. That way, African users can make instant payments without border limitations.

Added to that around 40 payout markets are live on the Ripplenet ODL solution and more than 90 new customers in different regions.

Despite all that happened, it seems he is proud of his team and the effort they are putting, proving to be ever-bullish in providing payment and remittance solutions for all users.

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