Solana NFTs Integrated by World’s Biggest Social Media Giants

Solana NFTs Integrated by World's Biggest Social Media Giants

On the 2nd of November 2022, Solana announced the integration of Solana NFTs to Instagram and Meta.


The millions of users on both Instagram and Meta’s platforms can now showcase their NFTs for free by connecting their Phantom wallets. The support for this integration is set to roll out in the next couple of days.

Meta formerly known as Facebook has come out to also make a similar announcement on the same day as Solana’s announcement. they informed users that they can now make and sell their NFTs on Instagram. They can also connect to the polygon ecosystem and their Phantom wallets.

The integration also allows them to look at listings and see more information on Opensea collectibles. Even though this is welcome news it’s not the first time Meta and Instagram have shown interest in integrating NFTs into their system.

Back in June 2021 a mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi shared info on Instagram’s intention to enter the NFT space, and Solana isn’t the only blockchain that will be supported by this integration. Users are to expect support for Ethereum, Polygon, and even the Flow blockchain.

This news was also confirmed by the CEO of both Meta and Instagram Mark Zuckerberg. So the development is set to be enforced sooner than we think.

Why is the Integration important? Well since the inception of NFTs they have changed from just being digital art to being a status symbol, an ID or evidence of membership, and a way to record monumental moments.

But the NFT concept is fairly new. With the integration of NFTs into the social media Giants like Meta and Instagram there would be faster and wider adoption. This will help the sector as billions of users now have access to the NFT technology at their fingertips.

Added to that the Solana NFT ecosystem will be making an exciting announcement for its users so members of the community do we have to take note.

And with the hurdles, the NFT sector has been facing this year these developments might move to improve things leading to more activity and higher trading volumes.

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