There is a 30 Year Roadmap to make ZCash Mainstream

There is a 30 Year Roadmap to make ZCash Mainstream

On the 21st of October 2022, Electric Coin Co (ECC) announced the 6th year anniversary of Zcash and its 30-year road map.

With the intention of tapping into the decentralized-driven future, and making Zcash available to billions of users, ECC outlined a 30-year road map that would make each user economically self-sovereign. This is to promote creativity and collaboration.

This plan has 3 facets. Firstly, to lay the foundation for a world-class user experience. Secondly, to build an interoperable Zcash protocol on the proof of stake consensus, and finally to deliver world-class UX for ZEC.

It’s common knowledge that traditional fiat systems aren’t built with the best intentions for their users, and centralised platforms aren’t transparent and impartial there’s always a discriminatory tendency.

While most crypto projects are built purely to be decentralised, they do not always successfully protect the privacy and security of their users, exposing them to surveillance and exploits. And the ones that seem to, aren’t always available to every member of the populace, limited by regional operations.

The Zcash project is built to provide an easy yet masterclass experience for the users while continuing to develop decentralisation through Grants.

The first line of action is to deploy fully supported wallets that run both on Android and iOS stores. The belief is that when the interaction by users is easy, fast, and excellent, adoption would grow. And with enough use cases and real-world applications, users will be compelled to assist in growing the total number of users which are known as referrals.

Come 2023 the developers aim to propose a change of consensus, from the proof of work, to the proof of stake. Since this would be a community decides it is difficult to anticipate the outcome.

With the integration of the third-party apps and the announcement of pivotal partnerships, the focus will be to synchronise their transactions to ensure smooth transactions and since billions of people worldwide still do not have access to open and fair currency there’s a lot of work to be done and a lot of work to look forward to.

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