Vitalik checking out Reddit, Telegram as Alternative to Twitter

Vitalik checking out Reddit, Telegram as Alternative to Twitter

 On November 18, 2022, Ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin considered moving to other social media platforms as an alternative to Twitter.

Buterin made this known on his Twitter page late in the day and said he had already started testing platforms like Mastodon, Farcaster, and Lens. 

His reason for doing this is because of the new policy implemented by Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, who directed that all users who want to enjoy a premium experience pay a fee of $8 per month.

Vitalik did not challenge Elon for requesting payment. However, he is unhappy that the premium experience is available only to IOS users. He agreed that he would gladly pay the fee if the opportunity were available to Android users.

Nevertheless, he kept checking Elon’s social media accounts until the latter responded to or rejected his request.

This news was greeted with excitement, especially for those who are members of the platform that the CEO is currently trying out, and they hope that he will choose their platform.

The well-known social media site Reddit and the platform for a private messaging service, Telegram, are two examples of these platforms.

Members of the Reddit community are glad that Vitalik may be moving to their platform; a user posted on Reddit about the recent development and also pointed out the benefits the members of the platform will gain.

One advantage is getting more exposure to the cryptocurrency world; Vitalik is one of the creators of the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market. He will be able to enlighten them more about how the crypto ecosystem operates.

The post sparked mixed feelings among those who commented. Still, many users had good notions about Vitalik, and they were very optimistic that it would bring more development to their knowledge of digital assets.

However, some attacked him from the angle of bitcoins, likely antagonists of the asset, but they were few.

Even though Vitalik was not directly unhappy about the CEO’s new policy, several members of the Twitter community were not pleased with the news. 

Elon initially placed the price at $20 per month. However, after much criticism, he dragged it down to $8; even with the reduction, many people believed it was a bad idea. 

Nevertheless, some people welcomed the news, as Elon noted in a series of tweets after he revealed that the money made from the fee would be used to reward content producers on the platform.

Vitalik has not decided if he will leave Twitter, even if Elon doesn’t listen to his request, but he is currently on a testing spree, and according to his tweet, he said to let the best social media win.

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