Building on Cardano is Fast, Developer open sources “Mesh”

Building on Cardano is Fast, Developer open sources "Mesh."

On November 28, 2022, a blockchain developer named Sooraj commented on Mesh, a Cardano-based tool for developing Web 3 apps created by Martify Labs. 

Sooraj made this comment on his Twitter page around noon, and in his tweet, he talked about how Mesh has made building on Cardano simple.

He went further in his tweet to say that when the building is accessible on Cardano, it will drive mass adoption. Finally, Sooraj commented that more tools like Mesh are needed to make life easier for developers. 

Following its Vasil Hardfork upgrade in September, the Cardano blockchain announced the launch of Mesh.

Mesh was designed as an open-source library that levels the playing field between expert developers and newbies, opening a new opportunity to build quickly with scalable, reliable, and efficient developer-friendly APIs and tools.

This new Cardano chain invention is regarded as the most advanced SDK on the platform because it is always up to date, ensuring that all dApps built on the network are compatible with all platform changes and updates.

Also, compared to all other developer tools on the blockchain, it is the easiest to use when building dApps. Also, it speeds up the development of projects, saving time, costs, and energy.

Moreover, Mesh was built to be compatible with all other tools on Cardano and to be a very light app (less than 300 KB), making applications highly responsive and fast.

The Cardano platform, which powers these projects, is one of the industry’s champions of the Proof of Stake algorithm. Before the Ethereum mainnet merge, it was the most prominent blockchain platform to employ the algorithm.

It was founded by Charles Hoskinson, one of the founding fathers of Ethereum, in 2015 and has been one of the major competitors of ETH networks, sometimes called the “Ethereum killer,” because of its potential to outpace the network due to its speed and scalability. 

However, because Ethereum now employs the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, it has the potential to process more than 100,000 transactions per second.

The Cardano platform also has Ouroboros at the heart of operations, an oracle proven to be the first secure and scalable PoS protocol. It was designed to combine technology with mathematically verified mechanisms.

Ouroboros derives security from staked assets; as long as the validators who hold 51% of the stake on the platform are trustworthy, it can waive its way through any attack.

With Mesh, the Cardano blockchain has once again proven to be very developer-friendly and aims to make the network a hub for blockchain and web3 development.

Undoubtedly, developers will be excited to make use of Mesh, increasing users on the platform; possibly, this new invention may inspire other blockchain platforms to do something similar or even better.

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